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  1. David Roller says:

    Bon Jour Robin. Discovered your website after reading a quote by you about Paris

    Regarding ‘learning French’; consider looking at this website: — It can be sampled at no charge, and if you like the style of teaching, the cost is very reasonable. What has been most helpful to me is the ‘ability to repeat the lessons’ and therefore improve pronunciation.

    Ten years ago I moved from the States to live full-time in Costa Rica – and for me Paris is also very special, and have been fortunate to fly there each year and also enjoy European travels by Eurail.

    Hope this is helpful to you. Sincerely, David Roller

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  4. Brinda says:

    I’ve been enjoying your posts about Paris. Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to plan a trip. 🙂

  5. Douglas Van Dyke Jr says:

    Hi Robin! I’m a member of Grievance currently watching your interview on Geekside News. I believe you are correct, and that authors can’t understate this point. I have published books too. I’ve noticed that even minor book-selling companies on the web may borrow Amazon’s reviews over to their site. So, those reviews go much farther than a person may realize. Remember folks, independent authors have an uphill battle to get noticed, but fan reviews are the biggest boost both for sales and an author’s motivation.