The Curse of HekateAlex Grosjean, Oracle to the gods, is back. A tall, dark and pointy-toothed stranger shows up at Alex’s door and asks for her help: he wants to find Lamia, an insane monster-woman who cursed him and turned him into a vrykolakas. Alex doesn’t want to take the case, but after a plague sweeps through the city and Lamia starts abducting children, she finds she doesn’t have a choice. As usual, the gods task Alex with stopping both the plague and Lamia, but don’t offer much help. Even Alex’s boyfriend, Harry, has a dark side and secrets of his own. After a trip across the world and a frightening encounter with the goddess Hekate, Alex must push herself to her very limits to save not only herself, but the world. Again.

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By WiLoveBooks rated it 5 of 5 stars
Alex Grosjean is back in this follow-up to Zeus, Inc. She is smart, tough, independent, and has a bit of a potty mouth. Now she is the Oracle, dealing with Greek gods on a daily basis and using her detective skills to prevent mythological creatures from killing. All in a day’s work. And her new boyfriend Harry, while adorable, is keeping some secrets of his own. I loved this book, maybe even more than the first. …more

By Marjolein rated it 5 of 5 stars
There’s one problem I have with Robin Burks as an author: she doesn’t write as fast as I read 😉 I really love Alex as her main character, or heroïne even, often saving the day while looking a mess and cursing like a sailor. Eat that Wonder Woman 😉 Can hardly wait for more.

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