A big thank you to Matt over at Android Dreamer for the positive book review for Zeus, Inc. This is the second time it’s been compared to the Percy Jackson books and I take that as a huge compliment.

My favorite part of the review was this:

“The most important part of the believability and overall likability of Alex is that she is flawed; she is not a perfect hero, and the depth of character lends itself to realism despite a fantastic setting.”

Interestingly enough, I put a lot of thought into this very thing when it came to Alex. She had to be flawed – she had to be real.

Thanks again, Matt! You can read the full review here.


The Curse of Hekate

Alex Grosjean is back. A tall, dark and pointy-toothed stranger shows up at Alex's door and asks for help: he wants to find the insane monster-woman, Lamia, who cursed him. Meanwhile, a plague sweeps through the city and Lamia starts abducting children. After a trip across the world and a frightening encounter with the goddess Hekate, Alex must push herself to her limits to save the world. Again.

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