I keep going back and forth between staying at a hotel for my August trip to Paris or staying in an apartment, but I am starting to lean towards the apartment. I have found one online that sounds perfect (technically, it’s an apartment that is a bed & breakfast) and the price and location are absolutely perfect. I have checked the reviews on TripAdvisor and it’s rated pretty high for B&B’s there in Paris, so I am assuming that means it is all on the up and up.

Anyway, here it is: http://lacerisaie.parisathome.fr/uk/indexuk.htm

What do you think?

It’s within walking distance of Notre Dame and the two islands (on the Seine) and I even checked to see that there was a Monoprix nearby for groceries (yes, there is!). I would save money on food (although I doubt I would actually cook much, but would probably make sandwiches with some yummy baguettes) and it would be nice to have my own little private spot in Paris to retire for the evening with a bottle of wine I have picked up.

It just seems so much more glamorous than staying in a hotel. And at this point, from my research, it’s less expensive, as well.

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