This will probably be my last post related to this year’s Gallifrey One (but oh, there is still next year), save for my photos post, but here are the highlights of this year’s con for me:

1. Being told that Neil Patrick Harris will be starring as The Master in a musical version of Doctor Who (Ask Tony Lee about this on Twitter – he’ll love it! LOL).

2. One Dalek = awesome. Two Daleks = double awesome. One dalek calling another dalek a bitch = PRICELESS.

3. Peter Davison letting it slip that Georgia and David have a baby due in four weeks. At which point, he stated he felt he was starting a dynasty. Someone later asked him if he realized that the upcoming nuptials will make him his own father-in-law. He didn’t want to think about it! 😛

4. Being told that it was awesome that I cosplayed Christina because “there should be more Christinas.” YEAH!

5. Janet Fielding signing my DVD and telling me how she loved robins (the birds, I think she was referring to, but it was still amusing).

6. Virginia Hey mistaking Rachel for someone else, but hey, she had a nice conversation with Virginia Hey!

7. Being outside of my “normal” comfort zone. And loving it. Realizing that my comfort zone is more comfortable when I’m letting my Who flag fly.

8. Getting a photo with a Tenth Doctor cosplayer who was actually close to my age.

9. Finally getting ribbons! YAYE!

10. Seing Peter Davison and Janet Fielding go at it all weekend. I swear, you would think they were married. Poor Sarah Sutton, though. She’s way too quiet to hang with that lot. But very sweet. As they all were.

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