I am not sure why I titled this journal entry what I did beyond that it sounded really cool. But forgive me, as I am still a little sleep deprived and have had a few Enchanted Tiki Punch drinks. And quesadillas. And Starbucks. And 7-11.

So where was I? Day Two of Gallifrey One. I attempted to sleep in and sort of managed it, although I was dozing in and out of consciousness a lot after 5 a.m. I’m still having trouble adjusting to local time, apparently. But I didn’t get up until later and once we were ready, we got coffee and made the 7-11 run again. Because it’s just a lot cheaper to eat pre-made sandwiches than at the hotel. And I’d rather save money on food so I can buy coffee and drinks. And merchandise, of course.

We stepped outside and it was a beautiful sunshiney California day. It was still a bit chilly, but not so that you would need a coat. A hoodie seemed to suffice as we made the walk. We stocked up on supplies and walked back and I proceeded to engage in my first ever day of cosplay. I put on the long brunette wig, donned the t-shirt Rachel had found for me online (which was perfect) and my black pants and boots and went for it.

I was terrified people would make fun of my costume as it wasn’t 100% perfect, but I got compliments on it and I realized that cosplay was a LOT of fun. I have already started making plans for next year (plus a Romana and Master gave me the idea of re-using the wig as Gwen from Torchwood). ‘

So I wore the costume all day.

The first order of business were TARDIS photos and then utilizing the public WiFi in the lobby to upload said photos. This is my absolute favorite:


That was so much fun. Then I checked out the Dealers Room, where I got a WWII Dalek poster that I had seen the previous day. HAD to have it. We sat in on a panel for IDW Comics, as well as an authors’ panel that included both Matthew Waterhouse (who is all kinds of adorable) and Daphne Ashbrook (who has not aged since the Doctor Who movie was made). In fact, as we were waiting on the authors’ panel, Daphne Ashbrook was standing right next to me and I was ticked off I couldn’t tweet about it because a lot of the con rooms don’t get any sort of cellular service and I just happened to be in one of those areas. Grr! LOL

Rachel was participating in the Masquerade costume contest, so she came up to the room to get ready. I got us coffee and then watched the tail end of a panel where one of Doctor Who’s makeup artists was making over someone as an alien live for the audience. It was actually pretty fascinating.

Peter Davison was up next for an interview, with Janet Fielding sitting in, as well. Those two bicker like an old married couple. It was absolutely hilarious!!!

After that interview, I had some time to blow and I was in search of a 10 (or as I posted on Twitter, a 10 or two 5’s) to get a cosplay photo with. But I just couldn’t find a lot of 10’s around – it was predominatly 11’s today. I had pretty much given up on finding “my” 10. I needed a “10” because my costume was Lady Christina de Souza, one of 10’s companions in the specials that David Tennant did before his departure. I didn’t want one of the 19-year-old 10’s either. I wanted a 10 closer to my own age.

I also failed to mention previously that The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson was filming the con today for the show and had sent Chris Hardwick (yes, THAT Chris Hardwick, from G4) over to chat with con attendees. I missed the film crew entirely, but thanks to them, I found “my” 10.

You see, Chris Hardwick came dressed to the con as 10. Oddly enough, it took me a moment to recognize him (he was just standing around having a chat with some people), but even before I recognized him, I had pegged him as a very good possible 10 for my “photo with 10” must-do mission of the day. Of course, once I realized it WAS him, I got my butt up from where I was sitting and kindly asked for a photo. He was kind enough to agree and so I can now say “Mission Accomplished.”

I’ll upload that photo when I have access to free WiFi again (I’ve used a lot of my Verizon data… oops).

While Rachel was involved with the Masquerade, I had myself a drink and sat at a table with the Master and Romana. I know… that sounds like a Doctor Who joke. LOL

I ended the night with another drink and some quesadillas and am now getting ready to call it a night. This is literally and probably the latest I have stayed up in a very very long time. I am BEAT. Rachel is already out and I am well on my way.

Have I said that this is the best con ever yet? Because it really has been.

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