I finally managed to get a flight booked for Paris this morning. I have been watching the rates nearly every day, sometimes several times a day. This is the part that is quite depressing. Only two years ago, a flight into Paris and out of London cost me $618 for around the same time of year. This year, I grabbed the first deal that I saw. Which was double that amount. Yes, flying to Paris now costs a little over $1200. But being as I had discovered that it has been running anywhere from $1500 to $1600 every day, I grabbed the $1200 “deal” immediately.

So I will be flying out of Memphis on Continental Airlines on August 22nd and after a connection in Newark, I will be arriving in Paris at 7:45 a.m. the next day. I’ll be there for a week (fortunately, my apartment is already booked) and then fly back on August 30th (with a four-hour delay in Newark – plenty of time to clear customs and get food).

So I guess now that the flight is taken care of, it’s official. I’m Paris-bound in five months!

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