So I’m in final preparation mode for the trip. Somehow, I’m suddenly
only six days away. And I catch myself saying things like “This time
next week, I’ll be….” (fill in the blank with something Parisian).

Over the weekend, I got my liquids organized and things poured into
little bottles that needed to be poured into little bottles (oh, the
absolute brilliant rules that make the TSA think I’m going to be able
to build something destructive with some mascara and shampoo). I got
some stuff packed – all those little things that seem to take forever
to get packed. All that’s left now are my clothes and the day-to-day
items I use.

I also paid the rest of the balance on my apartment rental. My
temporary landlords sent me an email saying they will be in Canada
next week and I am to meet with their colleague at the apartment
Tuesday morning at 9:45 instead. I panicked for a moment because I’ve
read horror stories about apartment rental deals going bad, but then I
remembered that I’ve spoken with at least five people who have rented
this same apartment from these same guys and they only had amazing
things to say about their experiences. I also noted that these guys
have been very communicative and confirming everything (without me
having to email them first), so I took a deep breath and calmed down.
It’s a new experience, actually staying somewhere that is NOT a hotel,
so color me slightly nervous.

So yes, this time next week, I’ll be on a plane to Newark, where I
will catch another plane to CDG airport in Paris.

And the only things left on my list are the following: buy travel
pillow (I’ll get one at the airport), finish packing and check in to
flight. That’s it. After all this time, that’s all that’s left.


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