Since I rested my feet yesterday, I put them back to good use today. But really, just walking to the right Metro train track is a practically a trek across town, so there’s a reason everyone here is eating chocolate and pastries and not gaining an ounce! I eventually made my way to the Pantheon to pay my respects to Madame Curie, Voltaire, , Victor Hugo, Alexander Dumas, Rousseau and a host of other notable French men and women. It’s a really cool building, but I really liked walking around the neighborhood. Which I did.

I wandered around with Google Maps not being able to find me correctly. I eventually realized that I had not turned on the GPS! Google was trying to find me by cell tower triangulation, which is apparently inaccurate. But I found a crepe stand, so it’s all good. My first crepe of the day was a cheese crepe with tomatoes. Perfect for lunch, considering it was well after noon.

I was attempting to find the Cluny Museum, which is a museum devoted to medieval stuff. I happened upon Saint Severin again, and thought, “Hey, I need a dessert crepe now!” And so I found another crepe stand (there are tons in the area) and got a Nutella and Banana crepe. Oh yeah, baby.

Hyped up on sugar, I found the Cluny Museum. It was okay, and sort of interesting, but what I really wanted to see were the tapestries. Specifically the famous “Lady and the Unicorn” tapestries. I sat in the room where they were hung for awhile, just staring at the detail in them. It’s hard to believe those came from the medieval age as they were preserved so well and the color was still vibrant. I could not help but to think the amount of work and time that went into putting together just one of those (they are massive). It was pretty cool.

Once I’d done that, I meandered through the museum and bought a print of one of the tapestries and headed back to the Metro station. Next up on my list was the Hotel des Invalides to see Napoleon’s tomb. Of course, I took the long way around, but ended up doing some window shopping (as everything is closed on Sundays, apparently, in Paris), but I got there, in time. I remembered the story the tour guide told me during my last trip about how Napoleon insisted to be buried to where people had to bow down to see his grave. And that’s exactly how it’s set up. Egomania anyone?

I paid my respects and sat in the gardens there for a little while to rest my feet. And then I visited Musee Rodin. I saw the actual “The Thinker!” That was actually pretty darn awesome. I’m not huge on sculpture, but the museum was small and interesting with amazing gardens full of Rodin’s statues. I sat in the garden cafe with a cafe au lait and pastry (because I obviously had not had enough sugar already) and watched the world go by for a bit.

Finally, I made it back to my apartment in time to see John Barrowman tweet that he was heading back to the UK today. Figures. The day I’m
in the UK and he’s in Paris. The day I am back in Paris, he’s going back to the UK. The Doctor Who actors will forever elude me, I guess. Maybe that’s in their best interest! LOL

I got online and researched a few restaurants around me as it was getting close to dinner time. I settled on a restaurant featured in the movie “Paris, Je T’aime” called Le Square Trousseau. Mostly because it’s a block away. I went inside this time, rather than eating outside, because the building is this old belle epoque sort of very French creation, with jazz music playing in the background. Talk about ambience! I ordered an Onglet steak with some more of those wonderful frites and because I still obviously had not had enough sugar for the day, I ordered a dessert that was sort of like a waffle made out of pastry with strawberries and custard. All with a glass of bordeaux.

I am so full it’s not even funny.

But I’m walking it off!

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