Well, a trip is never official until you have both hotel and booked, right? I am happy to say that as of today, I am 100% ready for Gallifrey One con. At least with travel arrangements. I booked the hotel way back when it was first open for booking (and barely got in… whew) and today, after thinking to check airfare rates, I booked my flight, too.

I was a little disappointed not to fly with Continental, as I was going to earn miles with them to use for a New York City trip next fall, but American Airlines had prices that were over $100 cheaper than what Continental wanted. Unfortunately, Continental are usually more expensive than other airlines, although I’m not entirely sure why. So I’ve guaranteed myself having to pay full price for a flight next fall, but AirTran/Southwest flies to NYC inexpensively, so I suppose I’ll take my chances. I have the funds stashed back.

I have begun planning the NYC trip, but I’ll post some of those details a little later. I have a LOOOOOOT of time, after all.

But I am going to L.A. for yet another fantastic Gallifrey One convention. Most of my costumes are done and put together (although I still haven’t decided if I’m doing a third). And the worse part is now ahead of me: the waiting.

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