Well, after asking several people who could not go to Sundance with me, I finally have a traveling companion. My niece, Kelli, will be accompanying me on this trip and we’re both pretty freakin’ excited about it.

Sundance, though, is so overwhelming and I also want to see/do things in the local area. So in order to think sensibly, I’ve picked just four movies to see and review. Now that doesn’t mean we won’t see other films or attend other events, but I have a list of four that I want to review on my blog: Robot and Frank (James Marsden… yum), Red Lights (Cillian Murphy… yum), Indie Game: The Movie (I’ve been supporting those guys for a few months now) and Beasts of the Southern Wild (which sounds utterly fascinating). They’re all my typical genre sort of films, which is what I was looking for when going over the guides: one is futuristic, one is a supernatural-ish thriller, one is about video games and one is a sort of modern day fantasy. We probably would have seen more movies if we had tickets to Park City (where we’re staying) theaters, but our tickets cover Salt Lake City and we’ll be driving there in a rental car from our hotel, the Hampton Inn.

And there are a million other things to do just in Park City, including snow tubing, which I think we’re both going to want to try. And hopefully, I won’t break my neck, because I’ve already signed the forms that if I hurt myself, Microsoft is not responsible.

We are being given a stipend of $250 for transportation costs and in the end, it made more sense to rent a car. I know we won’t use it at all in Park City, but it will make getting to/from Salt Lake City a lot easier and it’s a lot cheaper than taking a cab. It also opens us up to driving around the area a little more, too. I’m guessing it’s beautiful there, especially this time of the year. Lots of snow (Eep?).

But it’s good to know that I will not be alone in this particular adventure. I do love solo travel, but I think this trip is as much for Kelli as it is for me. And we are going to party Park City like it’s never been partied before. Okay, maybe not, but it will be loads of fun.

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