After breakfast today, which was free and delicious, we headed into Park City. I really had no ideas what to expect. However, everyone we met was beyond friendly and helpful. The festival is very casual and laid back.

As Bing provided the trip, we headed to the Bing Bar. There, we were treated like VIP’s. We sat in on a press conference where Jason Mraz talked about the contest entries to his The Search For Incredible contest. We were shown a short film presenting the winner and his story. His name is Daniel Hedlund and he has been fighting cancer since he was 23 years old. After the short about him and his incredible story, there did not seem to be a dry eye in the house. Daniel is an example to us all.

After the press conference, we got free lunch. And free drinks. And swag.

We were also treated to a performance by Mr. Mraz, who was awesome.

After, we hit Main Street. Just walkind down the street means you get handed everything from water bottles to McDonald’s apple pies to coffee to chocolate truffles. A gal could get used to this.

Right now, we are back at our hotel getting ready to drive into Salt Lake City to try to get into the premiere of Robot and Frank. Wish us luck!

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