After a flight cancellation and multiple delays, I arrived in Los Angeles Thursday night prepared for Gallifrey One. I, unfortunately, ended up arriving too late to help with set up, but did manage some downtime with my con roommate.

Then there was an unfortutunate incident involving a bottle of wine (don't ask), along with an early wake-up that involved the annual Gallifrey One fire alarm.

But even after a rough night and morning, a little Starbucks and meeting up with friends, both old and new, was just what the Doctor ordered. I was dressed as Rose Tyler and ready to tackle the day and the con.

This year is proving to be massive, with a turn out of approximately 3000 people, at last count. And yet, the wonderful con crew have still managed to keep things feeling cozy. Major props to Shaun Lyon and his team.

After a visit to the dealers room, we lined up to get autographs with some of the Doctor Who movie actors. I met Paul McGann, who is lovely, in every single way. He was my first Doctor and I told him that. His response? "Well, I hope I'm not the last." I also spoke with him briefly about the audio adventures, which have particular significance to me. He spoke about how he felt that the Eighth Doctor audio adventures for Big Finish just came at the right time. I could listen to him talk for days staring into those beautiful blue eyes… wait, where was I?

I also met Paul's son, Jake, who actually plays the Eighth Doctor's grandson in the previously-mentioned audio adventures. Finally, I got autographs from Yee Jee Tso, and had a brief conversation about how the Doctor Who movie opened up a lot of things that were later explored in the new series. We discussed the kiss in the film between Grace and the Doctor and how that changed the tone of the relationship the Doctor now has with his companions in he current series.

Finally, I met Daphne Ashbrook, Grace from the film, and we discussed the topic some more. We talked about Grace being much more independent than previous companions to the Doctor and how Grace was the one who ended up telling the Doctor no when he asked her to accompany him.

I also sat in on an interview with the adorable Caitlin Blackwood, who plays young Amy in the new series. She told a few funny stories about working with Matt Smith, as well as talked about life on the set of the t.v, show. And yes, those were real fish fingers and custard Matt Smith was eating in his first episode.

I participated in my first panel where we discussed TV shows not to be missed. I got to discuss the US version of Being Human, as well as my new obsession, Lost Girl. I was probably the least experienced person on the panel, but it was really a lot of fun.

The opening ceremony came and went and so did a run to In 'N Out Burger. There was dancing and conga lines, and eventually we slept, only to do it all over again the next day.

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