This weekend is a blur of events. But it was probably my favorite Gallifrey One con yet. In case you didn’t see my recaps on my blog, I’ll post the link here: – I blogged after each day, so if you want to know what I was up to, that will give you a good idea.

For the record, I didn’t go into detail, but Thursday night involved me getting sick-drunk on a bottle of wine. Like puking my guts up all night. And oddly enough, I was still fine on Friday, so it didn’t put too much of a damper on the trip. Thank goodness! Because that would have sucked. This obviously meant, though, that I did not do much drinking the rest of the weekend. I think the only other thing I had was a raspberry-flavored beer. I think I might be done with wine… for awhile.

Since I did blog all the details, I’ll just post about my highlights:

1. Finally getting to meet Rora and Phanny. OMG, those girls are fun! We’ve known each other online FOREVER, but this is the first time I’ve met them face to face. And obviously, it’s always a good time when I’m around Rachel (aka Cat).

2. Meeting Paul McGann. I was freaking fan-girling the entire time I was getting his autograph. I didn’t realize I’d be like that, but I was shaking when I handed him my DVD cover from the movie to sign. I told him that he was my first Doctor, to which he replied that he hoped that he wasn’t the last. And I squeeed really loud inside my head while standing there, but as soon as I was outside the room, I was jumping up and down. Yes, really. OMG, I LOVE HIM!

3. Having a conversation with Daphne Ashbrook. I told her she was my first companion, so she wrote something to the effect on my DVD cover that she felt very special. We also talked about how Grace sort of set the tone for the companions of the new series (independent and romantic with the Doctor). She was a sweetheart.

4. My two panels that I did. The first, I was like “I blog for” and then everyone else introduced themselves as writers for Disney and published authors and I realized I needed to spice up my credentials (I can’t believe I forgot to mention DVICE – I did for my second panel). But I held my own with the discussion (go me) and really enjoyed the video gaming panel we did – which consequently was hosted by ALL women. I felt empowered. And I talked about Skyrim. It was awesome. I will definitely want to do panels again.

5. Dancing to “I Will Walk 500 Miles” in a 100 person or so conga line at Friday night’s dance. Talk about FUN! We also danced our butts off. 

6. John DeLancie talking about My Little Pony and bronies. OMG, funniest thing ever. I made a note so I wouldn’t forget to blog about it. Oh, and by the way, JOHN DELANCIE!!!!

7. Danielli Favilli. This is one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen. And Italian. With that accent. And YUM. He’s doing a movie called “Swelter.” When he told me that, I pretended not to hear him, so he’d say it again. Oh, the way that word rolled off of his tongue…

8. Meeting one of the writers from Warehouse 13. I kept asking him about the new season and he’d pretend he was going to tell me something secretive about the plot and then he’d laugh and just say “Just watch. It’s going to be epic.” He was such a tease.

9. Getting to meet Jane Espenson. I thanked her for her Twitter writing sprints, not to mention all the encouraging words she gave me as a writer. I think I honestly was more excited about meeting her and being able to do that than even meeting Paul McGann. She’s only written for every t.v. show I’ve ever loved (and love now).

10. Seeing Mythbusters’ Grant Imihara roaming the Gallifrey One hallways dressed as the 10th Doctor. That was awesome.

11. Thanking Chris Hardwick for not hiring me as his web designer because I started my own blog and ended up writing for SyFy’s DVICE. He laughed, shook my hand and congratulated me and I gave him a ribbon.

12. I’m not sure this is a highlight, but I had my photo taken with Paul McGann. I’m not sure why I did this, because I’m always awkward in these things. And he threw me off by acknowledging my costume (Dr. Grace Holloway). So the minute he saw me, he nodded and said “Doctor.” I recovered quickly and did the same and said “Doctor.” It was funny and then the photographer was like “1, 2, 3” Took the photo and it was “Next!” The photo looks like something from – we have the same forced smile on our faces. I don’t know if it will ever see the light of day. I’m sure I’ll laugh about it later, though.

13. Simon Fisher Becker (otherwise known as “the blue guy” from Doctor Who) recreating his monologue from the last episode of last year’s season. It was freaking amazing. I got goosebumps and he got a standing ovation.

Obviously, I have decided that I’m returning next year. I had too much fun this year not to. And I met so many amazing people and made a lot of new friends! I was also not afraid to actually chat up the guests when given the opportunity. Except for Paul McGann – I seem to lose my tongue around him. It’s those beautiful blue eyes, I think. 

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