My journey started out with me driving to the airport, which is about two hours from where I live. Halfway there, I receive a call from American Airlines that my first flight was cancelled. Yes, CANCELLED. I was rescheduled for a flight that legt an hour later.

Needless to say, I took my time getting to the airport, but I still had two hours to spend at the airport. Thank goodness for technology to keep me entertained. After a few rounds of Tetris, it was all good. And of course, lots of griping on Twitter and Facebook.

Just before boarding, I get a second call from American stating that my second flight was delayed an hour.

I checked weather conditions at all airports involved and there were no conditions present to delay or cancel flights.

I am really not happy with American Airlines.

My rescheduled flight did, at least, leave on time. I boarded with an overpriced Starbucks sandwich and vitamin water in tow. It was a tiny plane, the kind I detest. And unlike the TARDIS, it was not bigger on the inside.

But at least I was on my way, even if I feared the worse in Chicago.

Once I landed in Chicago, my flight was delayed yet again. By theb, all I wanted was a glass of wine. So I hung out at the wine bar for awhile.

Honestly, I was surprised when the flight actually took off for L.A.  But I finally started heading in the right direction. But seriously, ugh!

Eventually, I did make I to L.A. and spent some time enjoying the wonder that is known as Lobbycon.

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