I just thought I would write a little update as there’s a few things going on in my life and with the writing. I have been busy working diligently on The Book of Revelations: Prophecy, but as several people are asking me about a sequel to Zeus, Inc., I’m considering taking a break in November (if BOR isn’t complete) and spending time on the sequel. I already have ideas for it and Alex Grosjean is never far from my thoughts. Why November? Why, NaNoWriMo, of course! I wrote the first book during NaNoWriMo, so it only seems appropriate the sequel comes out of that, too.

Also, if you’re bored this Labor Day weekend (unfortunately, I’ll be working), go stop by Dragon*Cant. It’s an online convention set up for those who could not attend Dragon Con. Zeus, Inc. is actually part of the Merchants Circle there!

I have been writing a lot for RantGaming.com, as well. So here’s a full list of what I’ve covered so far.

I also did an interview with Jason Chen from StoryBundle for DVICE.

There’s a new review or two posted about Zeus, Inc. on Amazon. I have a few blog reviews coming up soon, too – I’ll post them when they’re live. Being a self-published author is certainly not easy (as I’m discovering), but it’s very rewarding.

Oh, and I’m going to Paris in a week. I’ll probably be posting here every day while I’m there, with photos of food I’m eating (so you can all be extremely jealous), as well as little things that come along that interest me. This will be my third trip there and my fourth trip to Europe, but I’m still as excited as the first time I flew overseas. I will also being taking a great amount of notes as I’m pretty sure part of the Zeus, Inc. sequel will take place there. Like I said, I have ideas!

I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend. I hope to squeeze in some time to play The Secret World myself. Because all work and no play makes Robin go crazy.

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