This helps me sleep…

It’s raining a bit again this morning here in Paris. But it’s not a steady downpour like it was yesterday. I ended up thinking that I needed retail therapy yesterday and walked down to the local Monoprix. I proceeded to buy an over-priced sweater (but it’s so European and has patches on the elbows) and yet another silk scarf (I’m starting a collection). 74 Euros later…

I also tried some Epoisses cheese. I’m going to have to admit defeat on the French cheese front. The stinky cheeses taste disgusting to me. I can’t handle them. And now the whole refrigerator reeks of this stuff. Ew! I must figure out how to dispose of it. I also bought some cheddar (good old English cheese) in case I didn’t like it. Dinner was cheese, bread and a glass of wine, as it was.

I forced myself to stay awake until 8 p.m. I attempted to watch some t.v., and learned a little bit about French news. I’m pretty sure I’ve misintrepreted the big news – but is there a prime minister somewhere in the world that’s gay and just got married? I probably completely mistranslated that. But yes, the gay marriage debate is happening here in France, too. I’m not surprised – the country is decidedly very Catholic.

I also watched another episode of the last season of the UK version of Being Human. I’m glad I decided to give it a second chance. It really is better than I thought once I got over my anger of main characters getting killed off in the first episode.

Once I fell asleep, it was a restless one. I woke up around 10-ish, but forced myself to go back to sleep. Then I woke up at 1-ish and couldn’t. So I got up and answered some emails and read a little bit until I felt sleepy again. Then I slept straight until almost 8 a.m. And felt like a truck had run over me repeatedly. Oh, jet lag, you suck. But after a shower and a hot coffee and the thought of tarte tatin for breakfast, I feel better now.

Speaking of which, I have to go put on the barest amount of make-up and walk down to the bakery.

As today is also a little rainy, I think more retail therapy is in order. Today, I plan on visiting Le Bon Marche, which is a high-end department store. I doubt I’ll buy anything, but they also have a gourmet grocery that may suck some Euros out of me. After that, La Maison du Chocolat nearby is calling my name. I’ll have lunch somewhere and bring my prizes back to the apartment and relax. I plan on tackling the Louvre again (hopefully, with better results than my first visit last year).  After that? I have an 8:30 p.m. reservation at nearby Verjus Restaurant. Where I shall indulge in 8 courses…

Being in Paris has done one of two things for me: One, I think I’ve lost some weight. My jeans are loose this morning. I think pastries are good for you!!!! Number Two, my skin (which is generally red and icky, thanks to rosacea) has improved. The water is hard, but apparently, not as rife as chemicals as our water back home.

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