Well, I know the answer to that question now. It’s apparently just outside Memphis. When I went to book a hotel the night before my flight in the area nearest the airport, this is what Hotwire gave me. It’s close to the airport, though. I can tell as I have seen planes flying overhead. Fortunately, there’s no noise at the Best Western Plus where I’m staying at.

Now I know what some of you are thinking because you know I don’t like staying at establishments that have less than four stars. Also, the last time I stayed at a Best Western, there were springs in the mattress that poked me as I slept throughout the night. But again – I let Hotwire pick the hotel because the price is right. This is the Best Western PLUS, which is apparently a little more upscale version of their usual motels. The rooms are mini-suites and actually very nice. There’s also very little street/city noise, which is also a huge deal for me. I have to sleep with 100% quiet, save for the sound of a fan running (I just left the fan on the AC/Heating unit on for tonight). So all in all, this joint ain’t too shabby.

I also discovered a nearby bakery called the Brown Baguette. I had a cupcake that puts GiGi’s to shame and a strawberry tart that reminded me of Angelina’s in Paris. I love it when I discover those little hidden gems! I have Yelp to thank for that.

Satisfying my Sweet Tooth

Satisfying my sweet tooth…


I also found a Thai restaurant, which was good (but not great). I would have preferred my dishes to have less sweet and more spice, but it was still pretty darn good (and inexpensive) food.

So now I’m preparing for my flights tomorrow. I have two connections (this is what happens when you cash in your airline miles for travel), so I’m a little nervous that something will go wrong at one and I’ll end up with delays again this year. But I’m trying to be optimistic. And hoping my luggage arrives safely with me in L.A. tomorrow.

As previously mentioned, I’m looking forward to Gallifrey One. I cannot wait to see everyone again, to make new friends, to promote my book and my writing and to cosplay. Work isn’t so bad when it’s mixed with play, is it?

I am now off to go watch the final two episodes of House of Cards on Netflix (free wifi is nice) and then attempt an early night as I have to get up at 4 a.m.

I’ll see some of you tomorrow in L.A.

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