1109654_first_newsI suppose you’ve been wondering where I’ve been hiding and why Zeus, Inc. is no longer available for sale. Well, fear not, as I have a huge announcement coming soon (once it’s official) that some of my friends already know about. Obviously, it’s one of those things where I prefer to wait until the ink is dry, but let’s just say that Zeus, Inc. will be making a bigger and better return soon.

I have also been busy doing what I love: writing. I’ve picked up my pace over at DVICE and have also started writing for Rebel Gaming. Also, my own site, Fangirl Confessions is starting to bring in a little income, so I’m devoting myself to that, as well. See? Writing isn’t all about novels and short stories.

So the good news is that I have been busy writing.

Stay tuned for more good news…

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