I’ve had  lovely time in the Pacific Northwest. If you follow my other site, FanGirlConfessions.com, you’ll notice I spent a lot of time in Vancouver visiting t.v. series shooting locations. And then I spent some time at Geek Girl Con (which I adored) in Seattle.

However, I haven’t yet mentioned the amazing food I’ve been eating along the way. Being a foodie, I think it’s important to commit memorable meals to the internet (yes, I’m a food Instagrammer – don’t judge me!).

So let’s start at the beginning, 0n Wednesday. While touring the main shooting location for Once Upon A Time, I indulged in mini donuts, which is something I’d never had before. They’re like donuts, but they’re tiny. Who knew? There’s a place in Steveston, just outside of Vancouver, called Outpost Mini Donut Company. The donuts were still warm when I started eating them. I ate a whole cone thing of them. There were a variety of flavors, but my favorite was the sugar cinnamon. Just yum!!! I ate those donuts so quickly, that I did not even think to take a photo.

That evening, my friend, Colleen, made some really good chicken paprika. I made her send me the recipe.

On Thursday, I got to try poutine for the first time. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, as photos of it make it look gross, but I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, this plate didn’t last long. I cleaned it:


Yes, poutine is good. Poutine is AWESOME!!! This particular plate that I had was a dressed up version with baked potato goodies: bacon, sour cream and green onions. Did I mention how awesome it was? It came from a Canadian chain called White Spot. I also had an excellent local merlot that I paired with it. I’m classy like that.

My dinner was a wonderful mac and cheese served by my hostess. I paired that with a dessert that I picked up: a dark chocolate Aero bar and some salted caramel fudge. I can’t remember the name of the candy shop we visited earlier that day, but that’s where I got the fudge, along with a Twirl bar and a ginger beer.

You would think I would be satisfyingly stuffed by Friday, but I still wanted more food. I usually am careful about what I eat, but on vacation, I like to indulge. You only live once, right? So we visited a wonderful Greek restaurant (again, I can’t remember the name, although I think it was something like Greek Tavern). There, I had a gyro that I demolished, a nice glass of santorini and this wonderful dessert called Ek Mek:

Ek Mek

After lunch, we got our exercise by walking through Central Park in Vancouver, where we found yet another TV series shooting, this time Once Upon A Time: Wonderland. I met Peter Giadot, who plays the genie on the series:

The genie and me

Then, it was time to take my leave. So after giving my friend and hostess, Colleen, a big hug, I entered the train station in Vancouver. And subsequently found this in the bathroom (I’m a huge Sherlock fan, so I was thrilled):

I believe in Sherlock Holmes

The train took me to Seattle, where my adventures continue.

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