Iceland volcanoIn case you missed my announcement yesterday, I have an article published in Two Clones Magazine #1. This new digital magazine covers all kinds of wonderfully geeky topics, and I was asked to write about my adventures as a fangirl and sexism. So I did! You can buy a copy of the magazine here. The magazine supports writers and pays for content, so please consider buying a copy and having your friends do the same.

In other news, this week has been all about a volcano, called Bardarbunga, in Iceland. Why am I so suddenly interested in a volcano? Well, this volcano is getting ready to blow. Yesterday, a travel alert around the region was raised to red, the highest, which basically means that the airlines are preparing for the worst. In 2010, a similar volcano erupted, and grounded air traffic in Europe for six days.

In other words, that place is about to blow, just like that Ke$ha song. Eep!

Guess who’s going to Europe in two weeks? Yes, that’s right. Me! Well, I hope I’m still going to Europe in two weeks. So I’ve been actively watching the activity of this volcano and praying that if it blows, it does so soon, so it has time to let off steam (no pun intended) before my trip or that it happens during my trip (I have no problem getting stranded in Dublin) or that it happens after my trip. But now, it’s just this waiting game.

This Earth of ours is a wonderful and beautifully crazy place, isn’t it? On the one hand, I’m fascinated by the volcano, on the other, I fear it will delay my travel plans. And I really need this vacation. So… wish me luck!

In other news, Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor (Doctor Who, that is). I watched the new episode “Deep Breath,” and made an absolute fool of myself: cheering, squealing, crying and quietly whispering “NOOOOOOO!” while holding my hand to my mouth. It was brilliantly done and I’m already fond of the new Doctor.

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