I had a big plan today, but I slept in, and the plan got pretty much erased early on, as I consistently changed my mind about what I wanted to do. The weather here has been so lovely that I’ve wanting to be outside more than anything: even if it’s just walking around shopping.

However, I did at least keep to part of my plan and after a breakfast at Bewley’s, which was almost healthy (yogurt and fruit with a croissant and cappucino), I walked to Dublin Castle. I decided to go ahead and go inside, and I’m glad I did, because they were closing the castle at 2 p.m. for a rock concert by the band The Script, who are, apparently, from Dublin. Good for them. Bad for me, though, because most of my shots of the outside of the castle have their equipment and stuff in them.

Dublin Castle

I arrived in time for a guided tour that took us through the castle’s staterooms, which are still in use, even today.  We also saw some of the original parts of the castle that were discovered on an archaeological dig around the area in the 1980s. That was probably my favorite part of the tour. But it was interesting, and I’m going to be an expert on Ireland’s history by the time I leave here. I’ve learned so much!

The Chester Beatty Library is just next door, so I popped in to its Silk Road Cafe for lunch. I had a very good felafel with a variety of Mediterrean-inspired salads, followed by baklava. This is probably the best museum food I’ve ever had. I visited the library, which had all sorts of wonderful ancient texts, including Biblical pages dating back to 100-200 A.D. That’s amazing! And even better, the museum is entirely free (unlike the castle). There are also a collection of artifacts from all over the world.

After that, I visited Christchurch Cathedral, which is a gothic structure. I went inside and poked around, but I was most amused by this particular character, a grumpy ginger cat that was guarding the grounds (by grumpy, I mean, it tried to bite me, which almost never happens because cats usually love me. It also stalked other tourists and took swipes at their ankles.).

Grumpy Irish Ginger Cat

I had two other churches on my list that I wanted to visit, but instead, I decided to wander. I wandered right into a sweets shop I’d been wanting to try called Queen of Tarts. I had tea and an apple crumble tart that was to die for. Very good eating here. I wasn’t even hungry, but I hate the whole tart and drank my tea, yes I did.

I decided shopping was in order after even more food. I had some rather unique ideas for gifts for an upcoming birthday and Christmas, so I went in search of what I was looking for. All I can say now is mission accomplished. Maybe I’ll now buy some stuff for myself! LOL

With that, I decided to call it an early night. Doctor Who will be on the BBC and I don’t want to miss that! So I grabbed a salad from Marks & Spencer, along with some crisps (because I didn’t want to be too healthy! LOL) and am eating that in my pajamas in my hotel room. I have an early morning tomorrow, too, because I’m heading to the Boyne Valley to learn more about the Celts.

All in all, it was a l


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