Last night, I received word that my three novels (Zeus, Inc.; The Curse of Hekate; and Return of the Titans) would get inducted into the Coger Hall of Fame for the Darrell Awards. How great is that? I am officially an award-winning author.

This is such an honor because it not only means that there are people out there who enjoyed what I wrote, but that those people think I did a good job of representing the MidSouth. This is from the Darrell Awards website.

“The Dal Coger Memorial Hall of Fame Award is given for an author who has made exceptional contributions to Midsouth Literacy by having published a substantial body of work that is or would have been eligible for the Darrell Award.”

I am beyond thrilled to get this recognition and only hate that I cannot attend the subsequent banquet because of a previous commitment. I am so honored, though, and excited about this newest development in my writing career. It’s also the kick in the pants I need to keep writing and to keep working on the final edits to Madame Vampire.

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