Don't stress meowt

Hello, dear readers. It’s me again. I’ve been trying to blog about things, but there’s so very little to blog about. There is, quite literally, nothing exciting happening in my life right now, although I am still diligently typing away as I work on the rewrite for the first Children of Magic book. I also have numerous notes for my next two novels, because that’s how the brain works: it might be impossible to focus on the current project, but future projects? ALL THE IDEAS!

However, I am trying to feel my “stay at home” time with fun things to do, although I will admit that I’m growing stir crazy. I had to reschedule my November Disneyland trip, which left me feeling very sad. And it doesn’t seem like there’s an end in sight with the way the pandemic is raging through the U.S. I’m entertaining notions of driving to New Orleans in the fall, but I am not even sure that this is something that would be safely possible. I just need something to look forward to!

I have continued to feed my new tabletop and board gaming addiction, though. My D&D group has taken on a life of its own and we’ve been roleplaying via DIscord between our actual sessions. It’s been a great source of inspiration, as well as entertainment, for me. I also re-played the solo D&D adventure I mentioned in my last post and managed to get my bard completely killed off. But there will be revenge: I rolled up a new half-orc barbarian to replay the campaign once more. Take that, Death Knight!

I also started playing the Onirim card game, which is wildly addictive. It’s like a creative version of Solitaire, with seven different expansions to keep it interesting. Even better, I can play a round in 15-20 minutes here and there throughout the day for a little challenge. I highly recommend it. The artwork on the cards is also really nice, too.


Finally, I’m still playing Arkham Horror The Card Game, and I can already tell this one is going to get expensive. I have played through the campaign several times with different characters and different results, but I’m about ready to start looking at expansions. And there are a lot of expansions. But I can’t help but love the world of Cthulhu. Yes I realize that H.P. Lovecraft was a complete tool and racist, but he’s dead. I feel it’s okay to like the work (and he’s certainly not profiting off it) based on it. I have the same feeling about Harry Potter. Sometimes the works become something greater than the authors and that’s okay. It belongs to the fans.

My writing continues and I’m going to be working a little more again over at ScreenRant. I’ll post links to my gaming reviews and articles as they go up for anyone who’s interested and follows me on social media.

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