What’s up, my lovelies? I’m trying to be much better about posting updates here, and some of you even got an email from me recently (and if you want monthly updated, be sure to sign up for my newsletter!). I just wanted to let you know what’s going on with me!

First, I’m about halfway through with re-writes on Children of Magic: The Dream Seeker, the first book in my Children of Magic series. I only have about two days a week to really work on it, but I get to focus solely on it during those days and it’s getting really good. I can’t wait to share this story with you all. If you want to get regular updates and sneak peeks, be sure to head on over to my Patreon and sign up! Just $1/month gets you those sneak peeks, plus cat photos! I mean, who doesn’t love cat photos?

I’ve also got an upcoming appearance to tell you about. I’ll be returning to Memphis Comic Expo this year. I’ll have a table where you can come say hi to me and buy my books. If you already have copies of my books, bring them on over and I’ll sign them! It’s September 24th-25th at AgriCenter International in Memphis, TN. I hope to see you there!

Those are my latest updates, but I hope to have even more soon, so check back again soon!

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