We’re in London in a little internet cafe across from Starbucks about a half block from our hotel. It’s been awesome so far. The flight wasn’t that bad and I managed a little sleep and then after spending a few hours tossing and turning last night, finally passed out at about midnight, which is my normal sleep time. Woke up at my usual time of 7:30 p.m. and here we are. 

We’re off to Stratford-Upon-Avon today! YAYE! David Tennant and Patrick Stewart, here we come! 

Westminster Abbey was cool – we saw it yesterday. Although the inside reminds me of a crazy aunt’s attic, if said crazy aunt collecting graves and memorial plaques. We walked along the Thames yesterday, too.

For the record, it’s also cold. It SNOWED last night. Not like a heavy snow, but apparently, it hasn’t snowed in October in London since the 30’s. It was an excuse to buy a cool scarf and gloves from H&M, though. There’s this cool little shopping center (where this internet cafe is) that has just about everything. 

And Starbucks tastes the same here. YAYE!


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