I got a little teary on the airplane on the way home. I guess because I realized that for the first time, no one was waiting at the airport for me. It’s still hard sometimes. I got a little weirded out during the con’s Valentine’s Day Massacre dance, too. I don’t like couples, I want to yell at them and tell them to enjoy it while they can because in the end, they’re going to end up hating each other.

Not a good attitude, I know. But it’s where I’m at in my head right now.

Anyway, as I mentioned the con was amazingly good fun. I think I laughed so much that my cheeks hurt. The panels were interesting and entertaining (those Torchwood boys are PERVERTS, but really, should I be surprised?), the guests were charming and very laid back and cool and the con goers were really nice and accepting of people like me… a noob. All in all, I had a great time.

I think for me, the highlights include the following (I can’t even begin to go into everything we did – so much seems jam-packed into a small little weekend! *LOL*):

1. Naoko Mori surprising everyone by turning up for the Q&A with Gareth David-Lloyd and Kai Owen. OMG, I almost cried. TOSH!

2. Listening to Phil Collinson sniffle as he’s giving the commentary for “Journey’s End.” And then realizing there probably wasn’t a dry eye in the house towards the end of the episode.

3. Sitting in on something called “The Liar’s Panel” where the writers got together and told truths and non-truths that were often very funny. Example: The new doctor is going to sparkle in the sun… (yes, they made fun of twilight). There were also some jokes about Captain Jack being the Face of Boe and if his face had managed to get so big (insert ego jokes here) … what about the rest of him? And just what happened to the rest of him? OMG, I’m just remember that conversation. I can’t even type it all up, but damn, I’m laughing all over again! hehe They also made fun of Matt Smith’s hair and age. Apparently, the new episodes will be shorter because Matt can only work a 4-hour day. And his mother will be accompanying him on the Tardis. And his mother will meet and fall in love with Dalek-Khan. Then there was this whole conversation that ended with a quote from the new series when this happens: “YOU ARE NOT MY REAL FATHER!” *stomp stomp stomp* And off he goes to sulk to his bedroom. LOLOLOL I also quite enjoyed the Gary Russell dance that Paul Cornell started…. heh

4. Listening to Colin BakerWendy PadburyFrazer Hines and Nicola Bryant talk about their experiences with the show. And I loved the story about Colin biting Nicola’s bum. I heard it twice and it’s still funny.

5. Getting turned onto the Big Finish Productions. I listened to the one I got Colin Baker to sign on the way home (CD) and it was AWESOME. I was exhausted, but the story kept me awake during the drive. Must get more of those.

6. Getting called sweetie. I don’t care if he said that to everyone. It was a much-needed ego boost. I also enjoyed introducing myself to the Torchwood guys during the photo shoot. I walked up, said “Hey, guys,” like I was somebody and then said, “Hi, I’m Robin.” At which point, Kai offered his hand and introduced himself and Gareth did the same, which was odd, because I already knew who they were! *ROTFL* But so very British-polite, I suppose… hehe

For the record, I found Kai attractive. I think it was that bit about him talking about how he liked to cook. He was just such a regular guy and seemed so darn sweet.

7. Meeting a GUY who liked Duran Duran AND Doctor Who. He was pretty cool. We sat with him during some panels and show things. He likes Red Carpet Massacre, though, so points will be deducted for that… hehe

8. Seeing all the cool costumes. If I go next year (and yes, I AM considering it because I had that much fun), I want to do a costume. I had a brilliant idea on the plane, but then I forgot it. I also enjoyed the Masquerade contest thing they did. Talk about entertaining – there was a dancing TARDIS!!!! And we had all of the doctors on stage at once – One through Eleven.

9. All the dirty little Torchwood related jokes. Too many to even begin to try to remember. But they were all very very dirty. Bad Ianto! BAD! *LOL* He’s such a little perv. I also would love to see Gareth’s Torchwood idea hit the screen. It would be awesome. But I might steal it for RP first… mwahahahaha

10. Just being there. I needed a good laugh after the year I’ve had. And I got it in multitudes. I’m still laughing about things I’m just starting to remember.

So there you have it, the con in a nutshell, as well as one photo. I have others. I took a TON of Gareth David Lloyd because I was worried many wouldn’t come out – the lighting in the panel room was weird. But I do have some that seem decent – I’ll work on those later.

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