Last night right before it set, the sun put in an appearance. So as I was waiting for my room service, I decided to check out the neighborhood, the 9th Arrondissement. I wandered around and decided that I picked a great area to stay. It is at the foot of Montmartre and is not touristy. It is a place where real Parisians live and work.

I arrived back at my hotel just in time for my room service. I had little mini ham sandwiches and butter for dipping them in. This was not American butter, but something creamier and sweet. It was yummy! But the dessert… It was called L’explosion chocolat. It was to die for. I cannot explain it, but know that it was good. Then I slept, which is quite a feat for me, considering that I always have trouble sleeping in a strange bed. But not here. The hotel is so quiet and comfortable.

I woke up a little after 7, feeling refreshed. It was a good night’s rest. This morning, I showered and discovered the hotel’s hair dryer didn’t work. And they did not have a spare. I went out with wet hair that got curly in the humidity. But it looks kind of cute, so who knew? I needed breakfast, so i discovere a French chain that had a good deal for espresso and a pastry. Yes, I started my day with espresso! Woo!!!

After breakfast, I went to Notre Dame, and wept at the beauty of it. It was magnificent. I hardly have words for how I felt. God himself must have made this thing. Man is too clumsy to be capable of such splendor.

Then at 11, I went on a 3.5 hour your of the city. I saw all the major sights, including The Eiffel Tower. Strangely enough, I was underwhelmed. Notre Dame had spoiled me, I guess. I learned a lot of history, including lots of things about Napoleon’s huge ego, even in death. Gus tomb is arranged so that you have to lean over to bow to him to see it! Fascinating!

We walked around the outside of the Louvre, and that was when I changed my mind about visiting it. It is beyond massive. And with the weather being so beautiful, The tour guide, a lovely New Zealander, talked me into taking her Montmartre tour instead. So I’ll be doing that.

I plan on hitting some of the tourist shops near Sacre Couer to buy some goodies before the tour. The tour also features a glass of wine, so how could I refuse?

I have also been less intimidated by the language today. I actually feel I am understanding more and I am definitely speaking it more.

I am going to finish off this wonderful chocolate macaroon I just got. It is heaven if heaven were a cookie!

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