I am already thinking about my next trip to Europe. I must go back to Paris. I loved it! C’est une belle ville. So maybe I will be planning Paris trip number 2 soon. I love Europe. We don’t have this sort of history and art and architecture in the states. Our country is too young. Just a baby. Had that conversation with a New Zealander and Australian last night over wine.

I also enjoy meeting people from everywhere. The tours are great because most are solo travelers, like me. With the same desires to see the world.

Anyway, I have taken the lovely Eurostar to London. I love London, too. Oh, how I wished I lived here. I could catch a train anywhere! Also, fortunately for me, all the weather forecasts have been wrong. The weather is sunny and fall-like and perfect! I was so happy to arrive in London and see the sun. I honestly hadn’t expected it.

I found my hotel in London without a problem. It is in a residential area, so I hope it will be quiet. I guess I’ll know tonight when I try to sleep. It seems to be comparable to any other Marriott. After I got checked in, I headed to Paddington station, where I discovered a French chain of patisseries that I had loved in Paris and had lunch there. And I will be picking up some more of those macaroons that I had loved in Paris because that is where I got them! Yes!

I went to The British Library and saw some illuminated manuscripts, as well as a handwritten piece by Shakespeare. But best of all, I saw the actual scribbled lyrics to several Beatles songs. The originals written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Blew me away. I was taken aback because I had not known those were there at the library. A very pleasant surprise.

Then it was off to the Royal Academy of Arts for the Waterhouse exhibit. It was stunning. Seeing The Lady of Shallot for real was amazing! I bought a print of it for my office. I once had a huge framed print of that back when I lived in Boston.

Anyway, I decided to head over to Fortnum and Mason a little early. I almost went broke in the food hall! Oh, my, the goodies! Cookies and candy and mustards and chocolates and teas and coffees and biscuits and … I bought plenty of goodies to share with my Mom when I get home. Unless, of course, I eat them here first. It is taking all of my willpower not to eat the French chocolates I bought for her in Paris!

And then there was the tea. I chose a Rose champagne with Queen Anne tea and both were glorious. The sandwiches were yummy, as was this savory tart and some smoked salmon. And the scones! Which by the way is about like an American biscuit. But pair that with clotted creme and fresh jam, and it is a treat. I also enjoyed the eclairs and this chocolate coffee cake that melted in my mouth. It was definitely worth the 42 GBP I paid for it. I was stuffed!

So here I am in my hotel room, buzzed on champagne and tea, watching BBC News.

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