Sorry about the lack of a post today. I just got in and it is nearly midnight! Today was busy and I didn’t take the time to type up a post. But I am still alive and well in London and loving every single minute of it! I wistfully have been pretending that I live here. LOL

Even if the dirty Tube air makes my snot nearly black when I blow my nose. Or maybe the air here is just bad! Lolol

And yet, I love it and already want to start planning my next visit.

I will post more details about my time here later. Had a blast at the TripAdvisor pub meet and was even presented with a little snowglobe as a gift and reminder of my first visit here. LOL

And I have a tip on seeing John Barrowman, who has been rehearsing for La Cage near Trafalgar Square… Some mild stalking may ensue this weekend… Heh

More tomorrow! I must tell you all about getting wasted at The National Gallery, after all!

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