So yesterday was a busy day. I spent the morning taking a tour of St. Paul’s Cathedral. There is a sort of church theme going on here, is there not? It is as stunning as Notre Dame in a completely different way. I was again moved by the beauty within. And the stories about how a bomb was dropped right in front of it during World War 2 was fascinating. Because you see, the bomb didn’t go off – it was a dud. And after hearing this story, along with previously learning about how Paris barely escaped being burned down during that same war… God was looking after these places. How could he not?

After that, I finally saw Trafalgar Square. Unfortunately, the entire city seems to be under construction due to the Olympics next year. But I did see it, surrounded be work crews and scaffolding. I went to the National Gallery, and it was after lunchtime. So I sat down and had a nice leisurely British meal. And apparently one too many glasses of a good American merlot. By the time I made it to the exhibits, I was good and toasted. Lol Impressionism is cool when you’ve been drinking, but walking around in the maze of the gallery was not. Being that my day was far from over, I decided to head back to the hotel for a little nap.

I woke up refreshed, fortunately. And then it was off to The Sherlock Holmes Pub to meet up with the TripAdvisor group. They were so much fun to hang with! Several of us went on the delightfully campy Ghost Bus Tour, but we all agreed that the chatty English women in the back ruined much of it. One was on her cell phone throughout most of the trip! But I enjoyed the company and we went back to the pub, where I discussed Doctor Who, and Christopher Eccleaton, at great length with an Englishman who once lived in Missouri. He was a tour guide for the Titanic thing in Branson. He left that job to become a guide for London, Paris and Amsterdam. We all agreed that his life was horrid! LOL

It was great fun and we all walked back to the nearest Tube station and said goodbye.

Today, I slept in a bit … again. Then I finally made it to that icon of Big Ben. And rather than see it in all its splendor, part of it was surrounded in scaffolding. I am beginning to hate the Olympics. The locals don’t seem so keen on it either.

I took the tour of Westminster Abbey and I am so glad I did. I don’t even remember seeing the wonderful architecture last time, I guess, due to the key lag. Also, hearing about the history of the Abbey and England was interesting. I also finally saw the tomb of Elizabeth 1 for the first time. Pretty wild considering that her blood runs through my veins on my father’s side. My family were her first cousins when they left England. That technically makes me royalty. Ha!

After the tour, I had to make my way to Buckingham Palace, but had a first brief stop for this Sri Lankan restaurant that came recommended be the TripAdvisor crew. The curry was HOT! Lol Not like curry I have had in the states. Whew! But it was good enough to tide me over through the tour of Buckingham Palace staterooms. That was okay. Lots of ornate and decorative things. The Queen obviously lives a very opulent life. I bought more chocolate in the gift shop, as well as some nice pens and a room fragrance spray.

I went to Covent Garden for more shopping, but it was miserably crowded with tourists. I am reminded of things I don’t like about the city. So it was back to the hotel, instead, to rest my weary feet. No stalking John Barrowman from the stage door of where he is rehearsing for La Cage today. Sorry, John!

Now I am just waiting for the Italian restaurant here in the hotel to open for dinner. I am going to splurge a little with wine and food.

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