I have big things planned for next year and big trips I would like to make. First up, in February, I shall be returning to Los Angeles for the Gallifrey One convention. I hope to spend a weekend hanging with all those wonderful Doctor Who fans and meeting Peter Davidson (squee!) and seeing my crush, Kai Owen, again. I hope for sunny weather and a better disposition for myself than the last Gallifrey One I attended. I plan on having a lot of fun this time around.


At some point, too, Mom and I still have to take our Disney Cruise. I have all the money refunded from the one we did not get to make a few weeks ago, due to her accident and subsequent recovery. So it’s just a matter of when she’ll be ready to go and booking it. I really hope we still get to do that. We were going to spend a day at Magic Kingdom and eat lots of Mickey Mouse inspired goodies.


And then there’s Duran Duran, who are starting a tour in April. I want to go to at least one show, but I would prefer to see several. Since I doubt they’ll come anywhere near Memphis, or even St. Louis, I’m thinking Chicago might be within driving distance. But I’m also thinking about flying to New York to see them. I could always spend a little time hanging out at Gavin and Joey’s bar, as well. There’s just something about Duran in New York that makes me think happy thoughts.


Finally, I have already begun to plan an August trip to Paris. I knew I would return last year when I left on the Eurostar heading to London. I only spent two days there because I was not sure how I would handle being in a city where I barely speak the language, but as I ended up adoring it, I regretted that I had not booked a longer stay there. So this time, I plan on spending a week. I have been plugging into Rosetta Stone and working on my French, but even if it sucks, I know the people there to be very forgiving if my accent is horrible and I get some of the words wrong. I think they appreciate it just if you try to act like a guest in their country. As always, I have found that words such as hello, goodbye, thank you and please go a long way.


I am also considering blowing my savings on a Chanel bag (it is sort of a dream of mine to buy one in Paris at the store on Champs Elysee)…


So here is to a good 2011, which has to be better than 2010. And I am grateful, at least, that 2010 is going out on a good note. I think that’s a good sign that things to come will be better.


Happy New Year!

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