David Tennant makes me do spontaneous things. I have him to blame for my first trip across the pond after all. And now, since I was already planning on being across the pond in August, I seem to have included a day trip to London in my Paris itinerary. I spent this morning on the Wyndham Theatre website attempting to purchase a single ticket to a matinee performance of “Much Ado About Nothing” with David Tennant and Catherine Tate (how could I NOT?) on August 27th.


The only problem is that the website kept crashing.


I finally got a seat reserved with a reference number, but got an error that my credit card could not be authorised due to a website error.


So I cringed as I dialed the UK number given to me and was given an automated message by a man with a lovely British accent that the phone lines were being overwhelmed, at the moment, and to call again.


I can’t afford to keep calling so I sent an email instead.


So whereas I think I have a ticket to the performance, it’s not 100% confirmed yet.


Obviously, this theatre was not prepared for the demand of tickets. You would think they would have known better, though, considering it’s a reunion of the 10th Doctor and one of his companions (and a fan favorite, at that).

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