I just put the deposit down for L’Appartement Traversiere in Paris for a week in August. I ended up deciding to book the day before my trip, as well, so that I could get to the apartment as soon as I leave Charles de Gaulle airport (which is usually early in the morning, as that’s how most of the international flights work) and have it immediately, rather than having to leave my luggage somewhere and wait until the 2 p.m. check-in time.

Nicolas and Joel, the owners of the apartment, have been amazingly courteous so far, but I expected that because of their TripAdvisor reviews. Now I just have to start counting down the days to my trip. And book airfare (which I won’t even bother with for quite a few months).

So technically, since I am staying in an apartment for seven days and I have rented it, does that make me a temporary Parisian once I arrive?

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