I was once more researching Paris apartments today, although I already have my heart set on a certain group of apartments, thanks to rave reviews on TripAdvisor (not to mention the price being right). However, today, I learned that the one apartment from that group I had my eye on was already booked for the week I am planning on being in Paris and I started to realize that I need to book NOW if I want to make sure I get something I’m happy with, rather than leave it to chance.

So I checked the other apartment in that group that I was looking at. It was also booked up.


There were two other properties listed by that group. They were going to cost me about 50 Euros more, but as I really wanted something I know has been tested out by TripAdvisor members (whose reviews I always trust), I decided to go ahead and take the plunge and inquire about one of those two properties that are still available.


If they are, I guess I will go ahead and put down the deposit now to make sure I get something I want reserved. I hate booking this early, but with these apartments, I was warned, you more or less have to, as they go quickly.


The good news is that the cancellation policy only requires a four-week notice (which I feel is fair) in order to receive the entire deposit back.


So anyway, here goes nothing. I emailed the owners of the apartment in English and very bad French (with some help from Google translate, I’ll admit). One of the owners is Canadian, so I’m assuming English would suffice, but I don’t want to be that rude American that assumes that everyone who lives in France speaks English.


Hopefully, I will hear back from someone soon and one of those apartments is still available. They’re both in the Marais, they are both 1 bedroom apartments (since the studios I were previously looking at are booked up) and they are a few blocks from the Seine River. They also both include breakfast, which is also a bonus.

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