So I forgot a few things in my previous post:

1. There are a lot of Amy Ponds running around. One drunken Captain Jack had counted up to 25 last night.

2. Peter Davidson commented that David Tennant marrying his daughter would be “interesting.”

3. I must be a Cylon. Because that WAS Chief from Battlestar Galactica in the bar the other night. I was right! I saw one of the con guests posting a photo with him on Twitter.

4. Rachel had a nice conversation with Virginia Hey, although we think she mistook her for someone else.

5. Joe Hill is a Blair Shedd fan.

6. Boys dressed up like female companions and girls as the Doctor. Brilliant.

I think that’s it. Again, I woke up too early. It is only a two hour difference, but my body refuses to adjust. Maybe it was that dream about the Daleks. Wait. That wasn’t a dream.

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