So after consulting my “Lonely Planet Guide to Paris,” “The Little Black Book of Paris” and the Official DK Travel site, I put together my tentative itinerary. I tried to group things together based on area so that on any given day, I am not spending a lot of time traveling and a lot of money on Metro tickets. Many of these days are interchangeable, although it will depend on when I start my 6-day Paris Museum Pass. The only day that is set in stone is obviously the day I’m going to London to see “Much Ado About Nothing.”

But this includes everything I want to see (along with a few extras). I also have some Google Maps drawn up to get me from points A to B on any given day (because I will be making use of Google Maps on my trip – I would literally be lost without that!).

So for your viewing pleasure (or mine, actually), I give you Robin’s Paris 2011:

Please note this does not view my apartment or immediate area around my apartment, because I will be visiting Marche d’Aligre while I’m there, as well. And I’ll be doing some shopping at Monoprix, probably on my first day for groceries and other items I might need. I also didn’t add in Le Grand Epicerie because I’m not sure it’s within my price tag, but it’s on my Google Maps, just in case, along with a few other things.

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