I need a day off today, but as the weather is icky outside, what to do?

I know! I’ll do stuff that makes me happy. And nothing makes me happier than my upcoming Paris trip. So I’ve managed to get a few more things crossed off of my Listography list:


  • Set up PayPal with Capital One checking account (for apartment rental)
  • Reserve airport parking with The Parking Spot
  • Bookmark Capital One mobile banking website on phone
  • Call Capital One and Regions (checking – 1-800-655-2265) with travel plans


  • Print out parking reservation

Yes, I do not park at the airport. It’s over-priced and the service sucks. However, I had such a good experience with The Parking Spot (previously Avistar) during my trip to Gallifrey One that I will be parking with them again. And saving about $20 over economy airport parking in the process. The best part? They pick you up at your car and drop you off at your car. Even the “good” airport parking doesn’t do that.

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