After extensive searching, I finally found an app for my Android phone that allows me to use GPS and GPS-only (no data required). Although there have been rumors that Google Maps would be offering this sort of offline navigation sometime this summer, I could not wait on Google to release it. I found an app called mTrip that seems to do the trick. I had some problems with it crashing, though, but after un-installing and re-installing, it seems to now be stable. If all else fails and I get to Paris and the app refuses to work, it’s only a matter of going online and purchasing a small international data plan from AT&T to use Google Maps with. But if I can save myself that $30, that’s the plan.

The app also allowed me to plug in my itinerary (things I want to see) and has a cool few features that will show me other attractions around wherever I am when I get to Paris. It sounds great, in theory. Here’s hoping it actually works. I got one response about it after posting on and so that’s at least one person that likes it, so we’ll see.

So crossed off the list:

Get international data plan for phone

Added to list:

Print Out Maps from Google

These are the My Maps that I’ve organized that also includes shopping, pastry shops, restaurants, etc. I figure just printing them out will give me any additional mapping that I might need. And keeps me from having to buy a huge map of Paris of which only a small part I’d actually use.

In theory, I hope this works.

However, I am at the one month mark and now realize that I’m getting down to the wire and need to make sure I get everything ready to go for next month. One month. Just one little month.

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