Oddly enough, my upcoming Paris trip is turning into more of a culinary journey. I have done some research on various blogs (particularly David Lebovitz) and have a list of pastry shops, chocolatiers and restaurants that have made it to my “must see” lists.

I am already in love with the neighborhood I’ve chosen for my stay as one of the most blogged about pastry shops, Ble Sucre, is about a block and a half from the apartment I’ve rented. This means that every night on my way home from the Metro, I will be picking up a pastry for dessert, as well as one for breakfast the next day. The prices at Ble Sucre are also less expensive than in Central Paris, as this isn’t a tourist destination, but a simple neighborhood patisserie.

And that’s what I love about this neighborhood. It’s just that – an actual Parisien neighborhood. So it will almost be like living there.

See? THAT’S my idea of vacation. It’s not just about ticking items off of a list (although with chocolatiers and pastry shops, I’ll be doing just that). It’s about really getting into and understanding a city. I know this now, especially after having only done two days there previously.

Two days anywhere is such a waste.

But I get off the subject. Here’s my short list of Must-Eats:

Ble Sucre
Near my apartment. This is probably going to become a hangout for me.

Boulangerie Bazin
On the corner of the block where my apartment is. Apparently, this is some of the best bread in the city.

Marche d’Aligre
A market a few blocks from my apartment. Where I can get things like fresh meat, vegetables, fruit, wine and cheese.

This is more of a shopping destination, but it carries groceries. I have an apartment and I will be at least microwaving a meal a day inexpensively. Mostly so that I can have one more expensive three or four-course meal at a cafe, bistro, brasserie or restaurant per day.

La Brioche Doree
These are all around Paris. They have pretty darn good coffee and I don’t care that it’s a chain. They also have good sandwiches.

Pierre Marcolini
He has a shop near the Palais Garnier Opera House. Chocolate. I hear his chocolate-covered marshmallows are to die for.

Le Souffle
I hear this is a touristy place, but still good. I was told to avoid places that offer menus in English, but this was the exception. Nothing but souffles for all courses. YUM! And it’s near Le Louvre.

The best hot chocolate in Paris. I hope I’m in the mood for and it’s not 90 degrees outside when I try this.

Jean-Paul Hevin
Chocolate. Need I say more?

La Maison du Chocolat
These are all over Paris, but people still swear they have awesome chocolate. I’ll pick up a box or two or three or four to bring home.

This was on my list, until I was told they’re closed the entire month of August. Fortunately, many restaurants also serve this ice cream. But I hear Amorino is good, too.

Pierre Herme
Macarons. My favorite thing in the world.

They invented the macaron and supposedly, these are the best in the world.

Yes, that’s a whole lot of food. But hey, I’ll walk it off, right?

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