So I am in the final countdown (not the Europe song) as my trip is
officially less than one month away. So on my days off, I’m trying to
get the little details taken care of so that when it’s time to pack,
that’s all I have left to do. Not to mention, I love the preparation.

So today, I managed to get a ton of things crossed off the list here:

In fact, instead of posting what I did, I’ll just post the last few
things on my list:

1. Buy a travel pillow at the airport
2. Send rest of apartment rental funds to owners
3. Pack
4. Check into flight.

Today, I did a lot of printing. I printed out all my tickets and
itineraries and a few maps. I also plugged in a few more things into
the mTrip app I’m using for sightseeing that I might be interested in
(including a few affordable French women’s clothing stores).

That’s it! I’m going to start getting my packing list organized over
the next few weeks.

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