So Paris is officially behind me and I’m starting to prepare for next
year’s Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles. Not only am I debating
volunteering a little bit, but I’m also planning cosplay options. I
would love to cosplay all three days of the con, so I put together a
list of what I’m thinking (the Rose costume is almost complete – I’ll
be testing it out come Halloween).


The Jilly Kitzinger costume didn’t come to me until I was at Target
and saw a bright red trench coat. I thought about it and thought about
it and ended up deciding she would be a lot of fun to cosplay. And
being a natural redhead myself (although my hair is way too short
now), I think I could pull it off easily enough.


So as it seems, I have a lot of things to acquire. Fortunately, it
seems my biggest expenses are going to be wigs. Go figure.

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