So we did manage to get in to see Robot and Frank Friday night, which was fantastic. After the movie, the director, writer, and cinematographer did a Q&A, which included an impression of Christopher Walken.

We went back to our suite and crashed. The next day, Saturday, we decided upon another movie, That’s What She Said. After driving in a bit of snow and rain back to Salt Lake City, we arrived at the library there. There was a very angry woman working at the parking garage who yelled at Kelli for pushing a button. It was very bizarre. But we did get parked and had plenty of time to get on the movie’s wait list. We also thought the library was pretty cool.

To say the movie was raunchy is an understatement. It was also extremely funny. We got to put in our votes for it as audience favorite. I put it in as a solid four stars.

It was time to head back to Park City. We were pushing it time-wise, but we wanted to get back to the Bing Bar in time to catch some interviews with the cast of Lay The Favorite.

Then the snow started coming down in droves. Somehow we made it back to our hotel in time to catch the Park City shuttle to Main Street. That ride took about one and a half hours in the Snowpocalypse.

But we arrived at the Bing Bar and were led in without a list even being checked. We hit up the bar and wandered downstairs and stumbled upon a press event for Lay The Favorite, Suddenly, I squealed silently to myself when I realized one of the actors being interviewed was Fringe’s Josh Jackson. I geeked out, but quietly, because here at Sundance, you’re supposed to be all cool and un-fan-like. We also saw Laura Prepon, who is as beautiful in person.

But best of all? We had free drinks and finally got some food into our bellies. We hadn’t eaten since breakfast, after all. So I munched on my sandwich and tried hard not to stare at Mr. Jackson. I did not even try to talk to him, although Kelli did remind me afterwards that I AM a writer and that I probably could have got an exclusive quote about Fringe for the blog. Darn!

After that, though, I did down some more liquid courage, and started talking to folks about the novel i’m working on. I feel so validated as a writer being around other writers. I also think I would like to tackle a screenplay for my next project. Sundance has inspired me!

Emily Blunt popped into the Bing Bar for some publicity photos, too. She is very lovely and I even got to say hi. There were other actors/actresses there, too many to list here. It was wild, and yet, I felt a part of things somehow. I am assuming Hollywood is never this casual and accepting of non-Hollywood types.

Then it was time to dance. The Cool Kids took the stage and we shook our butts for an hour.

Everyone finally got booted from the Bing Bar, us included, to set up for a private event. Yes, we tried to get in, but as it was not a Bing-sponsored event, we were out of luck. So we grabbed some awesome pizza at Main Street Pizza and Noodle and headed back to our hotel with visions of the hot tub in our heads.

It was cold and snowy, yesterday. By the time we did get back to our hotel, we were ready to jump into the hot tub. And that’s how we ended the night.

We would like to see more movies, but as the roads to Salt Lake City are now a little treacherous, and that’s where our movie tickets are (yeah, I know, makes no sense, but they were free), that may not happen. But we always have the Bing Bar to hang out at!

Thanks again, Bing!

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