So I have arrived home from Park City, Utah. We saw some great movies (Robot & Frank, That’s What She Said and Monsieur Lazhare) and one bad one (V/H/S). I guess 3 out of 4 isn’t too bad, right?

Sunday was a beautiful blue sky sort of day, so we drove out to the Great Salt Lake. To say it is beautiful is an understatement. We walked around Antelope Island, visiting an old ranch and doing a little hiking. Yes, me, hiking. Afterwards, we headed back to Park City to try out the fresh snow at the snow tubing park. What a rush!

But we wanted some drinks and a little fun, so back to the festival we went. We ended up meeting some guys who were responsible for the Stan Lee documentary in the shuttle into town. I geeked out when they invited us to the premiere, where Stan himself was appearing. I nearly cried when I realized it was the day we were leaving. But I got contact info. so hope to be covering the movie on the blog!

We had a decent meal at Doolan’s and then hit up the Bing Bar one last time. We danced a little during the DJ set and then stayed long enough to catch a song from Cobra Starship. It was too crowded, though, and miserable, so we went back to the hotel to crash.

We decided to make our last day about movies. After a bit of outlet mall shopping, we went into Salt Lake City to catch Monsieur Lazhare. What a wonderful film! And the director is an amazing and nice guy, too. We braved more snow to catch V/H/S, and as my review stated, we were less than thrilled by the movie. I felt kind of bad because we sat near one of its actors, who seemed like a genuinely nice guy. But I had to be honest about my review, didn’t I? And it was so bad that I was angry I wasted my time watching it. Don’t you just hate that?

So onto the food, which is something I’m really into when I travel. The absolute best Mexican I have ever had in my life was in Park City at a place called Loco Lizard. If you’re in town for Sundance, or for anything else, you definitely need to check it out. The fish tacos are DIVINE. We also really liked Main Street Pizza and Noodle in Park City: that was some pretty darn good pizza.

I would like to thank Bing for the I incredible time we had at the festival. It exceeded my wildest dreams. Also, a huge thanks to everyone we met, who were all so incredibly nice, not including the scary parking attendant lady at the Salt Lake Library. And thanks to James Marsden, who I saw Sunday night, for being so darn handsome.

Now for the photos:

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