I had thought to plan a trip to New York City this fall as my annual solo travel pilgrimage. However, after looking at costs of hotels and things in New York, I was less than pleased or thrilled about the prospect. Today, the idea got into my head, somehow, that I would much rather return to my beloved Paris.

Before I knew it, I had sent an email to the company I had rented that wonderful apartment I stayed at last year. I even picked out some tentative dates for the trip. I received an email back stating that the apartment is available those dates, the second week of September.

Well, obviously, I took that as a sign. I also discovered that just the very idea of returning to Paris made me giddy, so maybe I am onto something.

I am allowing myself a night to sleep on it, but I do believe I will be putting down a deposit on that apartment for that time tomorrow.

And I cannot wait!

I hope to do a few day trips and have thought I might like to do a tour to Reims, for champagne, and Fountainebleu (I am pretty sure I have misspelled that).

So, if all goes to plan, I will be eating pastries in just nine glorious months.

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