Happy New Year!I suppose it’s the time of the year when I should be making lists of things I’ve done and things I’d like to do, but I’ve never been much on either of those things.

Obviously, the biggie is finishing The Curse of Hekate by summer, but that’s really the only thing close to a resolution that I have. I will also continue to promote Zeus, Inc. (and a big thank you to those who have already bought it). I plan to attend a few conventions: Gallifrey One (because I’m a die-hard Doctor Who fan) and Geek Girl Con and hope to be able to promote my books at those, as well.

Beyond that, who knows? I like the mystery involved in going into the New Year without a major plan. I can’t wait to see what happens.

And in the meantime, I hope you all have a very Happy New Year. See you in 2013!

Also, I know I need to blog more often. Between keeping up with FanGirlConfessions.com and RantGaming.com, blogging is my other job, but I’ll try to keep things interesting around here the best I can.

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