Last week, I participated in a chat that Bing sponsored. Basically, we discussed our favorite movies on Twitter. I participated, more or less, for the heck of it, but it was stated that one participant would win a trip to Sundance 2012.

Well, that lucky person turned out to be me! Can you believe it? I couldn’t and it’s just sort of now settling in that I won something! I have never won anything, although I’m always entering travel contests. And Sundance? It’s sort of been something that I’ve always wanted to do.

So I sent a message back to Bing (who sent me a message on Twitter) with my email address and phone number. They emailed me the affidavit I had to sign that stated that if I went skiing or did something crazy in Utah, that it was not their fault if I hurt myself or broke my neck. It also stated that I don’t work for Microsoft and that I’m not lying when I say that. I filled out the form, signed it and ran down the bank to get it notarized and scanned it and emailed it back.

So now they’re asking me for my home airport and who is going with me. My first choice couldn’t make it, which is a bummer and it was someone I know who would really enjoy a film festival and likes movies as much as I do. So now I’m down to either my brother, his girlfriend or maybe even my niece. It just depends on who can go. Being that it was so last minute, people are going to have issues getting the time off from work. Makes me glad to be a freelancer!

However, if all else fails, I’ll go alone. I do not fear solo travel, after all. But I would like to share this crazy trip with someone! I suppose we shall see.

I’m super-excited and overwhelmed, especially after looking over all of the films and events. I would like to sleep at some point during the festival, but there is literally concerts and films and panels and a million and one things to do.

So I suppose it’s official, unless something falls through, which could always happen. But to quote my Mom, “Lord willing and the creek don’t rise,” I will be in Sundance this coming Thursday through the following Tuesday.

My adventures in travel continue!

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