I have finally managed to put together the costumes I wanted to wear
for Gallifrey One this year. I decided to drop one costume and just
focus on the two: Rose Tyler and Dr. Grace Holloway. The Rose Tyler
costume is now 100% complete. Another Doctor Who cosplayer sold me her
jacket (which was too big, but should be perfect for me, a size
Medium) for The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances Rose costume. I was
going to just go with the costume sans jacket, as Rose appears at the
very beginning of those two episodes, but I really wanted the jacket,
but have been unable to find it in the right size. I’m so happy now!
It’s also a very cool jacket and will probably end up outside of my
cosplay closet.

Here’s a photo from Halloween of the costume without the jacket. I
love how the wig looks:


I also finally printed out the Dr. Grace Holloway ID badge that I had
been working on and have that completely put together. I still think
I’m going to add the clunky work shoes ($17 at WalMart) and I’m still
looking for a blue stethoscope, but I have a black one as a back-up.
So that costume is 99% complete (although it might be 100% complete
depending on how picky I decide to get).

Here it is, with the ID badge (which looks very official – I love Photoshop):


Now all that is left is the waiting. And that is always the hardest part.

I’m waiting to hear back about volunteering and if I’m on a panel.
From what I’ve been told, that still hasn’t been put together yet. But
I’m looking forward to participating more this year!

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