So yesterday was the annual Go To Kentucky to Celebrate Lily’s Birthday familial road trip. Lily, who was celebrating her second birthday, lives in Elkton, Kentucky. It’s about three hours to get there and three hours to come back. Needless to say, we are tired. But fun was had by all. Even if my brother spends entirely too much time in the car farting.

We started our morning early at 7 a.m., stopping in Union City, Tennessee to pick up some McDonald’s breakfast. And I needed coffee:

We also stopped for a bathroom break in Cadiz. Sorry, I didn’t take a photo of that…

We arrived in Elkton around 11 a.m. and attended a fashion show that was a charity event for the Todd County Health Department. We ate and watched the beautiful Lily model a dress from Belk.

Afterwards? We made our trek to the Mennonite Bakery that makes the best cinnamon rolls on the planet (we ate them for breakfast this morning):

We also visited another Mennonite store where the girls were singing in the back while they worked. There, we bought candy. Lots of candy. Probably too much candy. This included some very good lemon drops.

And then Lily got a short nap and it was time for her party. She wasn’t entirely thrilled at the beginning but once she got to play with some of the toys she got, she brightened up.

We ate a lot of cake and ice cream and finally made it home, stopping somewhere (I don’t even remember where) at a Cracker Barrel (they’re everywhere!) for dinner. I think I was dazed by then because I barely remember eating. But somehow we made it home to three very grateful kitty cats.

I should have taken more photos, but I was lazy. There were Amish on the roads in their horses and buggies, but I never got the camera out fast enough! It’s definitely an interesting part of the world.

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