Yesterday, Christina and I headed up to Sikeston to meet with someone from the Missouri Arts Council for our theatre group, the Bootheel Community Theatre. I can’t remember the last time I’d been in Sikeston. We met at this cool little building that apparently used to be a train station.

But the highlight of the trip was searching for a Dairy Queen. We ended up driving 24 miles out of our way but stumbled upon what might have once been a DQ (the GPS had it listed as such), but turned out to be the Chaffee Drive-In. Just a little hut in a tiny little town. But there I had my first marshmallow milkshake. No wait, I had a marshmallow malt. It was beyond delicious. And I can’t believe I’d never tried one before.

We drank our milkshakes on the way home and ate some chips that Christina had in the car. Sweet and salty!

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